Creating a file with Sublime Text


since the latest version (0.9.4), it’s not possible to create a file anymore with right click on folder -> Create JS/uno/UX source, in Sublime Text.

It fails with Could not create file: /random_path\random_file.random. Notice the \ instead of /.


Thanks for the report. We’re on it!

Could you please send me ~/.fuse/logs/fuse.sublimeplugin.log and ~/.fuse/logs/fuse.log? Or simpler, just zip up and send me ~/.fuse/logs? These logs do not contain your code, but do contain things like project names and paths.

If you upload to, your files can only be accessed by the Fuse team.

Just uploaded the .zip to the dropbox. Howerver I don’t have a fuse.sublimeplugin.log

It might be that you have an old Sublime plugin then. Could you please do fuse install sublime-plugin, and see if that log file appears when you start using Sublime Text on a Fuse project again?

I get :

# Starting sublime-plugin installer
Installing sublime plugin...
Package up to date
# Done installing sublime-plugin

And still no fuse.sublimeplugin.log :confused:

My bad, the problem was on my side. Reinstalling Sublime Text did the trick. The topic can be closed !

Thanks :slight_smile: