Error with sublime fuse plugin

Since 0.20, i m getting this error when i open a ux file:

Error starting Fuse:

Trying to start the daemon as a background process. fuse: Couldn’t start a background process of the daemon.

I did try to uninstall/reinstall the plugin but it didnt improve


Hi, could you please send us your logs so we can have a look? Just zip up ~/.fuse/logs if you’re on OS X, or %localappdata%\Fusetools\Fuse\Logs if you’re on Windows, and upload to

After doing that, please try a fuse kill-all, then restart Sublime, and see if that solves the issue for now.

Done. kill-all seems to fix the issue …

Thanks! From the logs, I see what the problem is, and have logged an issue to fix it.

If you ever run into this again, fuse kill-all takes care of it.