App crashes on Android Preview

Desktop preview works fine, but on android device the app does not start.

Link to project: Link to build log:

Testing on Lg G3 (CloudyG3 2.5 ROM)

Just to be sure, by “does not start”, do you mean that it doesn’t even look like it tries to start, or do you mean that it displays an error message on the phone?

From the logs, this seems just like a connection issue. Can you please try the steps in the troubleshooting guide?

No message on device. Yes, it might be a connection issue. I downloaded a new system image for marshmallow and created a new AVD yesterday. After this, adb devices returns two devices (1st one the emulator, and 2nd one is my phone). The emulator always shows up (don’t know why). The problem could be that the fuse maybe trying to connect to the first device. But that is just my guess.

What happens if you do fuse build -tandroid --run, does it start then? Can you also paste the full output of that command?

This time, when I connected my device,it is listed as the 1st device, and emulator as 2nd. So, the build succeeds is succeeding right now. Will repost a reply if the same thing happens again. Thanks.