Nothing happen after Android on my windows 10

I have used all the tool(CLI, sublime text build tool and fusetool preview). there are no error but nothing happen after is a screenshot >

Same thing happening here also. What to do …

Are you sure your Android device is connected via USB, and have developer mode enabled? Have you installed the necessary Android tools?

First, try to do fuse install android in a command line and see if that fixes the problem.

If it doesn’t, check if your device shows up when you do adb devices. adb can usually be found in C:\ProgramData\Uno\SDKs\AndroidSDK\platform-tools on Windows or /usr/share/uno/SDKs/AndroidSDK/platform-tools on OS X.

this is my first experience in android development , I thought fuse launch an emulator with the application launched . After some reading on stackoverflow , this has been rectified . thank you for your rapid response . preview on the android device works well. this is unfortunately the case with the emulator . I use adb to connect to the emulator.I’m using the standalone visual studio android emulator , the application is installed but does not start . do you have an idea? this is screenshot


We have our own simulator that works locally by doing fuse preview -t=local. This is the simulator you want to use while testing your app on desktop.

Hey Emil, the only android terminal that offers fuse is the nexus 10. anyway if the fuse terminal allows to have the same result on an android emulator, that suits me . and as I said , the test on my android device is conclusive. it looks fine to me.Thanks!!