Crash on startup

Hi guys,

I just got invited to Fuse, and have tried following the Intro tutorial here:

I managed to get the app running fine in preview mode, but when I build the APK and deployed it to android-17 emulator, it crashes on startup. Here is the crash log from DDMS:

Any idea what’s going wrong?

It’s worth mentioning that I installed the Android NDK and Android SDK on my own, and then edited %ProgramData%\Uno\SDKs.sdkconfig to point to them.

I am running Android NDK r10d.

For Android SDK, I have following platforms installed: android-3 (lol) android-10 android-17 android-19 android-21 android-22 android-MNC

I have the following Android SDK build tools installed: 19.0.1 19.0.2 19.0.3 19.1.0 21.0.2 build-tools-22.0.1

Please lmk if you have a dependancy on specific versions of SDK/NDK and I will download them and try again.



Hi, thanks for the report. The quality of GL support in the simulator has meant that, up until now, we’ve focused on testing on real hw instead. I will add a feature-request for this and will go and review the android emulator situation (it’s been a while since I last reviewed the available options).

Have you been able to deploy an android device since your sdkconfig changes?

Hey Chris,

Thanks for the tip, I didn’t think to try on a new device. Everything is working perfectly on real hardware :slight_smile: