Xcode not compiling when using Lifecycle – version 0.6.0 (build 4382)

I’m using Lifecycle in JS:

var Lifecycle = require('FuseJS/Lifecycle');
Lifecycle.onEnteringForeground = function() {

When compiling in XCode there’s an error:

Assertion failed: (nativeObject), function ReattachAfterInit, file /Users/jiserra/Documents/Sites/fuse/aimsir/.build/iOS-Debug/src/uObjC.Lifetime.mm, line 320.

If I remove Lifecycle the projects compiles without problems.



Thanks for reporting this. We’ll have someone on the case shortly.

Juani, I’ll have this fixed today. Thanks again for the heads up :slight_smile:

Fixed internally now. Should be in the next release.

Great, thanks, awaiting for the new release!