IOS Preview

Hey Guys!

I am new using fuse and I really wanted to see a preview on my iPhone. However, once in Xcode I get an error…

@implementation UnsafeUnoObject *// The error message (Method definition for "weakUnoObjectWithoutUnoObject: not found – Xcode

Description: Holds a naked pointer to a Uno object.

Declared In uObjC.UnoObject.h *//

@synthesize unoObject = _unoObject;

  • (instancetype)unsafeUnoObjectWithUnoObject:(uObject_)object { if (object == NULL) {_

    return nil;

    } return \[\[UnsafeUnoObject alloc\] initWithUnoObject: object\]; }_
  • (id)initWithUnoObject:(uObject )object { self = [super init]; if (self) {

      _unoObject = object;

    } return self; }

  • (id)init { return [self initWithUnoObject: NULL]; }

  • (instancetype)copyWithZone:(NSZone )zone { UnsafeUnoObject newRef = [[[self class] allocWithZone:zone] init]; newRef->_unoObject = _unoObject; return newRef; } @end

Hi Kelvin, which versions of XCode and Fuse are you using? If you’re on a Fuse version older than 0.11, please get try the latest one from

Hi Anders,

Thank you for your response I was able to figure it out… I was not allocationg my iPhone as the final destination instead of the Xcode preview screen…

Glad to hear you figured it out! But does this mean you are unable to preview your project in the Xcode simulator? If so, that’s a bug, and I’d like to help you get it working if you’re interested.