Fuse : WebGL build gives errors

I don’t use FuseJS with WebGL build. Mainly just Uno, but the latest build broke the WebGL build.

It gives following errors:

NativeEvent.js:39 Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token function
Lifecycle.js:20 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'New_3' of undefined

This happens with any project.

I tried to remove the “Fuse.Reactive” from my packages and now it gives:

Mutex.js:14 Uncaught Uno.Exception: Feature not supported in this backend

Any chance you could fix this, or perhaps there’s some package I could remove from my project to avoid this?

Gladly I should have an older version somewhere in my hd.


We’ll look into this Simo. I’ll get someone who knows more about this to investigate, but in the mean time let me know if you need an older version of Fuse, and I can send it to you.

Thanks dude,

I actually have a quite respectable collection of old fuse versions on my hard drive, so don’t worry :slight_smile:

Maybe you can open a museum when Fuse gets famous!

This hasn’t been fixed in latest version. Could you give me the fuse 0.8.4 installer for OSX? I need to dev now there too.

Sorry about that Simo. I’ve sent you the installer on Slack.

This still happens in . Can you please please please fix this? I use Fuse for WebGl all the time, just finished two different projects this month for real paying clients. But I would also like to stay updated with latest versions. Now it seems I’m forced to drop to if I want to do WebGl.

Sorry for the wait, Simo. We think we have figured out why this started happening and are raising priority.

great! thanks

This has now been fixed internally and will roll out with the next release.

Note that many Fuse features won’t work in WebGL, but at least it now basic projects compiles and runs without errors.

Let us know how it goes after next release.

This still happens in