Lifecycle events not working

I don’t know if this is a bug or I’m just using it wrong, but Lifecycle events doesn’t seem to work.

The idea is to refresh the data once the app (that was already opened) comes from background, so I don’t have to kill it and start it again.

This doesn’t work:

var Lifecycle = require('FuseJS/Lifecycle');
Lifecycle.onEnteringForeground = function() {

Any idea what could be happening? I’m using the right event?

Thanks in advance!

Hi! Thanks for reporting this.

Your code looks fine…

Is this still the case in 0.8.1 ? What devices are you testing with?

Heya again Juani, yeah it does look right. I can test on more device here but I guess it may be more subtle. I am interested in your setup though. Which idevice are you using an what os version is it running? As ever thanks for posting this

Sorry, I made some more tests and double checked some things and it was my fault because I didn’t put a value in an Observable that I expected to change. It’s all working now, thanks both!

Thanks for letting us now! Glad it worked out!