X,Y values when importing sketch file

After converting a sketch file to Ux files, I’m trying to figure how the percentages of width, height and x and y are determined. Are they relative to the Height and width of the art board?
For instance my art boards are 750 x 1334 but after converting it tells me that a 48 x 48 icon is 4.6% width and 2.6% height. However 4.6% of 750 leads me to 34.5. Or is my math wrong. Actual code below

<mobile.Listings.ic_search Width="4.66666666666667%" Height="2.62368815592204%" X="89.8666666666667%" Y="4.72263868065967%" />

Hi Alex,

I’ve not been able to reproduce this, when I convert a sketch file with an art board that’s 750x1334 and a rectangle of size 48x48 I get the following UX:
<Dummy.Artboard.Rectangle Width="6.4%" Height="3.59820089955022%" X="0%" Y="0%" />
and using --absolute-flag it translates to Width=48 and Height=48 as you would expect.

Can you provide some information about which command you are using for the conversion and if possible provide a small sketch-file to reproduce the issue?

best regards,