Import Sketch Into Fuse (Error on display on size)

I have created new Sketch file and imported it using fuse import fuse_posts_crud.sketch --app MainView.ux the problem is it does not support for all devices. the axis and size mentioned in Sketch is been replaced in The content FuseTools.May i know the possibilty to get the values in percent or suported for all devices.

You are correct. SketchImporter creates the UX with absolute sizes. We have created a version that works with percent as well, but this is not yet released.

The reason is that we want the SketchImporter to primarily import assets, and not the complete project. And if it should create the complete project we want it to create logical layout, instead of absolute layout, regardless of if it’s percent or pixels.

The new SketchImporter version Bjørn-Olav is talking about is scheduled to ship with Fuse 0.12.

0.12 is now out, you can get it from