Working With Sketch Files

I’ve looked through the docs on Sketch import but I’m still having trouble working with it. I was able to import all my views, but they’re all a bit big (should I resize in sketch or in Sublime?), and I’m not sure how to make the functionality work between pages and what not. Any ideas?

Hey Jake,

Thanks for bearing with the very experimental status of the current Sketch importer. :slight_smile: How about this: we’re actually looking for feedback from people who use Sketch already - would you be interested in jumping on a 15 minute Skype/Google Hangout call with me to discuss how your ideal workflow between Sketch and Fuse would be? (not right now, we’d book a time that works for you :slight_smile:

Hi Jake,

This is actually some of the things we are working on.

For the size of the pages, those should most definetly be edited in Sketch, and not in Sublime. You want to be able to reexport it. I actually have a prototype, which uses percentage layout, instead of absolute positioning like it uses now, but what would be even better is to be able to create logical layout, the way it’s supposed to be with Fuse.

Sketch does not define logic at all. Different approaches can be used to define it in Sketch, to be able to export it to Fuse. One such approach is to have magic naming.

Hey Bent and Bjorn-Olav, thanks for your replies! That really helped a lot. I’d love to set up a time to skype whichever works best for you Bent. I’m in CST in America, so finding a time that works best for both might be a little difficult but if I need to be on late that’s totally fine. Let me know. Thanks again guys!

Jake: I’m used to dealing with US timezones so it’ll be okay. :slight_smile: If you could ping me in our Slack community or send me an email (my first name (at) we can nail down a time/date for a chat. :slight_smile: