What is the future of Fuse?

Since a couple of months I suspected that the company core is changing priorities. In fact I noticed that the number of commits committed on the repository in this last period (https://github.com/fusetools/fuselibs-public/graphs/commit-activity) and the support to its users has become significantly lower. I have many threads on the forum still unfortunately unanswered today.

Today I have confirmed this by looking at this link:

So I wonder what is the future of Fuse? I thank the team of fuses for the support that until today has given us and for the excellent job they have done but I think it is essential to be as transparent as possible to allow the community to use the most correct strategy with their projects that base the their mobile technological core on fuse.


Yeah, it would be great to know, in order to determine, if I should look for some other framework for my project.

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Iā€™m having the same worries as toto007. It would be nice to get some clarifications about this.

Hi there, apologies for the late reply, but we were busy prepping this: https://blog.fusetools.com/announcing-fuse-open-free-ea289bbf32d0 ā€” it should hopefully answer your questions :slight_smile:

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