Looks like Fuse is dying, doesn't it?


For quite some time now there has been no activity from the developers in the master branch on github, and in the “release 1.9” branch.

In my company in active development 2 important projects on a Fuse platform. What will happen next?

With hope for the best :slight_smile:

I see they’ve been recently working on the Uno part of things, which is the glue for everything, plus the community recently updated the logo hehe, so no I wouldn’t say its dead just yet.

In terms of new component/native stuff, hard to say cos that’s really up to the community now and no one can know if someone is working on something, we do need a more in your face community component/package list thats auto-updated and searchable. Kinda like an app store for components would be nice :smiley: ~ https://fuseopen.com/docs/packages.html.

Agree with aeq. Fuse Open is definitely not dying but I think we, as the community, have to focus on the source code when fixing issues/making new features instead of using self-maintained packages.