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What Is Fuse X Studio 2021?

I’m back from hiatus and lost in regards to this shift to Fuse X Studio 2021.

On the official site there is no info explaining how it differs from older versions of Fuse Studio that were not called “X” to my knowledge.

I haven’t installed it yet. I see that I now have to “authenticate” with third-party accounts, something that was never required in the past. Why this change?

And there is no option to authenticate with my fusetools account. Why is that?

When I tried to learn more about Fuse X Studio, I found that Fuse X has existed (at least for Koreans) since January 2019, based on their YouTube channel called fuse X 드림 or Fuse X Dream. But since there are no English subtitles, I couldn’t infer much from the channel at a glance.

Can someone please explain to me the reason(s) for these changes, why Fuse Studio is no longer being maintained and what the difference is between Fuse Studio and Fuse X Studio 2021?

Because right now, it’s very confuseing… :thinking:

Welcome back Angela.

fuse X aims to be a polished and up-to-date version of Fuse Studio with bug fixes, performance improvements and new features. The main difference from Fuse Open is that fuse X is a commercial brand that we’re hoping can generate enough revenue to pay for development costs and support the Fuse Open project long term.

fuse X started out as a commercial version for education purposes in Korea. There’s a Korean website about this at http://fuseapps.kr/.

More information about fuse X will be made available to you as soon as it is ready.

Thank you for waiting. :slight_smile:

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Hi, Morten!

Thanks for your reply! :slightly_smiling_face:

I look forward to hearing more info when it’s available. Until then, please let me know - will Fuse Open continue to be maintained until then, or will it be put “on hold” until revenues are generated?

Hi, Angela!

I am one of the Fuse Open contributors among others, and yes Fuse Open is still maintained you can look at the activities on the Github repo.

Of course, the pace is not as fast as used to be because we now 100% drive by the community not backed by a corporate as it’s used to be.

But at least I’ll try to do my best to continue to supports this project in my spare time. And hope others from the Fuse Open community members can jump right into supports and start to contributes to this project too in whatever forms (contributing codes, organizing issues/feedbacks, maintenances of the main website and docs, marketings, financials, etc) It is appreciated.

Lastly, I want to say that, in my opinion, this product has the potential and power to create amazing and rich UI experienced mobile apps in less time and complexity of doing so compared to the other cross-platform frameworks, I hope this product to success.


Hi, Hassan!

Thanks so much for the informative reply! I’ll keep a look out on both versions of Fuse.


Hi all, bad news

Installing the current version installs the XCSSET Malware which is targeted at us Developers.

I would advise against installing this unless you have adequate Malware protection. The reason for this is the software requires creating an account to be able to use it, meaning that any hackers or attackers can personally identify a users computer.

It really is a a shame, as Fuse X Studio is a project based on open source software and in many regards could be a massive help to the community. I hope the developers can provide more information as to why the malware is present, as there may be a more legitimate reason for its use.

For more information on the XCSSET malware:

Hi @rbaffoe,

This must be a false positive. There is no malware nor any backdoors present in fuse X.

Also it should be noted that the Fuse Open and Fuse X projects very much feed into each other, and that the developers working on this are the same few people (pretty much).

Fuse X is using latest versions of Uno, Fuselibs and other modules from Fuse Open - and fixes, improvements and knowledge resulting from developing Fuse X goes back into Fuse Open.

Currently both Fuse Open and Fuse X are 100% fueled by goodwill and worked on in peoples spare time. Personally, Fuse X is motivating me to keep spending time on Fuse Open, and any amount of revenue generated by Fuse X means getting more time to spend working on Fuse Open, Fuse X and all things Fuse.