Very first impressions

Just downloaded the thing. A few very first comments:

  1. Security: OS X says Fuse wants incoming network connections. For what? The app should explain to the user why it needs to open the firewall, and that it is safe to accept.

  2. Usability: The app should associate itself with .unoproj files in the OS, so they can be double-clicked to launch (must be done manually for now).

  3. CUA: Add “Hide Fuse” and “Hide Others” (with standard shortcut keys) to the application menu so it behaves like other apps.

  4. Aesthetics: The startup dialog GUI looks a bit crude. Square Windows 95-looking buttons, etc. Going more for a full-blown modern OS X style and design would create a better first impression.

Also, nothing seems to happen when opening example projects. Possible user fault. Will try again tomorrow.

Hey Olav and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

  1. Network access is required for pushing your projects to the desktop simulator as well as on-device simulators. I agree that it should have been made clear during/after the installation, as a way to ease the user into it.

  2. I suppose we could associate .unoproj files with your editor (Fuse itself never writes to those, it’s just a text file for your project settings), but it would be a problem if we didn’t know which editor to associate with. Since the only times you need to interact with it is when you add references or edit project settings, we decided to just leave it as an unassosicated file.

  3. Totally agree here, a simple slip-up on our end! Making a ticket for it.

  4. Hehe - “functionality first” has been our motto. Prettifying the dashboard is already on our list of things to do in future releases. :slight_smile: