# Fuse 1.1 is now available

Fuse 1.1 is out!


  • Lots of new UX expression functions - including the Each-index we’ve all wanted for so long!
  • UX compiler has been optimized to reduce compile times and improve editing speed in Fuse Preview. (Real-time preview is now even more real-time.)
  • Control build flags from within Fuse (not just on the command line)
  • HLS video streams should now also work on iOS.
  • Finally got rid of the Freetype- / SIGILL-related crashes on older Mac models. (Thanks Olle! Enjoy the time off with your family!)
  • Added MapMarker.Tapped to make it easier to poke your place of residence.

In addition to a lot of other fixes & features.

Enjoy :slight_smile: