Fuse (beta) release 0.1.2214

Fuse beta release 0.1.2214

This update includes significant under the hood restructuring. OS X performance should be improved, and a number of steps have been taken to improve general workflow and stability.

Note that these changes may have caused some minor regressions that have gone under our radar. As always we appreciate any and all bug reports.

New features

  • Preview now supports both recompilation of code and refreshing of markup (simulation)
  • OSX
    • Fullscreen experience enabled

Fixes and improvements

  • Made auto refresh optional (on by default)
  • Zoom is now bound to the more common shortcut alt+wheel
  • Fixed the case where we remove data from loaded project files, thanks to Håvard
  • OSX
    • Lower CPU usage

Fuse Sublime package

This update offers a minor (but useful) addition to UX completion, and reflects the recent changes in the tool where automatic reload of source files makes manual refresh obsolete.

New features

  • UX attribute completion now appends ="" to attributes when completing and moves your caret for you
  • Added shortcut for build-and-run (Win: F7, Mac: Cmd + E)
  • Refresh has been deprecated in favor of recompile (Win: F6, Mac: shift + Cmd + r)

Fuse libs

New features



New features

  • Cleaning a project now cleans referenced projects recursively


New features

  • —allow-debugger flag will allow you to debug your unit tests. Please see unotest —help, or the testing tutorial for details.
  • Unotest now returns non-zero when a test has failed.

Fixes and updates

  • When testing several projects, the statistics at the end always said 0 tests were run and 0 failed. These numbers are now correct

Thanks for the new version!!!

I have some problems with this version :frowning:

  1. When I have a series of animation in a Manual Trigger like:
<ManualTrigger ux:Name="MyTrigger">
    <Move ....

When the trigger “On” is false the Backawards animations are not in reverse… They execute in the same order of the initial (when “On” is true). If i put a DelayBack to this animation dont work because the other animation wait for this to execute.

There is a way to do this? to execute the animation in the same time and control them with Delay and DelayBack.

  1. I try to put a Clicked behavior to a image but dont work! I try like this:
<Image Clicked="MyClicked" />

In Uno:

    void MyClicked(object sender, ClickedArgs args)


But I get an error.

  1. This version close unexpectedly very times.



For 1) I can’t answer that question right now, but I’ve forwarded your question to some who can.

  1. Images do no not have a Clicked event, because they are not buttons. You can use a Tapped trigger instead:
  <Tapped Handler="MyTapped" />

  1. Please describe the scenarios in which Fuse closes unexpectedly (please use a separate thread for this)