I'm already in love with fuse !!

Congratulation guys , Thanks for this awesome tool , i am a big fan of Simo Santavirta works and was following him since Flashscene (2005) , when i heard about this tool i knew it’s going to be perfect all the way , and it is , i was like wow entire day working and wondering around fuse , accept my warmest regards and keep up the good work <3

There is some questions in my mind , is there any information available about licensing ? and is there any way to contribute to this project ( donate , c++ , … ) ?

Hey Hamed, and welcome as one of us Fusers :slight_smile: We really appreciate your kind words!

The Fuse beta is free and price plans are still undecided indeed, but here’s what we’re planning: always keep a free tier that’s non-crippled. We strongly believe that Fuse should be software that people can depend on. We are building features on top, and some of these will be combined into a pro version on a subscription model. I’d be very happy to hear your thoughts on pricing though.

As for helping out, right now the best thing you can do is help us share the word about what Fuse is and what you like about it. :slight_smile: We will have opportunities for the community to contribute in the not-so-distant future - rest assured we’ll let you know when that happens!

Thanks for the reply, glad to be a Fuser :smiley:

I don’t have any marketing experience, But Here is some suggestions on Fuse :

1 - It could be nice if you can build a marketplace around Fuse, or at least a self-hosted and managed git service for people who want to share for example : Themes, Modules, Apps, … (Docker, Nodejs, …)

2 - an online build service, a solution for pro subscriptions like “phonegap build” so subscribers can build for different platforms when they can’t have various build machines and required libraries

3 - Push notification service, online apis for building observable objects

And so much more, My point is Fuse is already Awesome, a healthy and user-friendly community around it, could make it first goto dev/design platform for anyone to stay and use it

I’ll happily share my love for Fuse Thanks again <3

Also there will be an Article about Fuse by Someone who i asked on Smashing Magazine, ASAP ! :wink:

Cool news about a Smashing Magazine piece - feel free to have whoever contact me if they’d like some additional images or data or whatnot. :slight_smile:

Regarding your suggestions:

1) Marketplace. This is already in our plans, and at some point in the coming months we’ll engage with the community to discuss the specifics of it, so that it’ll fit with how people use Fuse.

2) Online build service. There are a few technical, financial and legal aspects of this that needs investigating, but it is definitely an interesting suggestion. Building is indeed one of these things that “should just be way better” by now. It’s 2015 after all.

3) Push notification service. There are a lot of these already and we haven’t quite settled on what the best approach is for enabling them with Fuse. There are already SDKs from such providers that can be wrapped for use with Fuse using Uno and UXL, but we’ll see what happens once people start using them more. :slight_smile:

Update: there’s now access to the native Android and iOS push notification services in Fuse: https://www.fusetools.com/learn/fusejs#fuse-push-notifications

Regarding the last two suggestions I will say that our main focus right now is making sure that Fuse is a great desktop app experience and that the workflow works for as many situations as possible, and we’re probably going to keep focusing on that for a little bit more.

All in all, we are very keen on feedback and suggestions from all Fusers out there :slight_smile: Keep 'em coming!