Using Fuse as a designer...Can Fuse be a prototyping tool if not pairing with a developer?


I am a mobile product designer and I’ve been doing research on tools that help prototyping ideas. I’ve tried a bunch: pixate,, marvel, invision,Flinto,Principel, Framerjs…AND I am really struggling on how not to just make a ’ movie’ or a liner clickthrough prototypes but something I can actually benefit from when an idea got pushed through.

I am a designer and I understand working in this industry, it’s inevitable to have some coding knowledge, but I strongly believe there’s only so much I can do and it’s difficult to master in everything. Though I also don’t mind to code just for the front end.

Then I saw Fuse, a quick glance at it sounds like a dream if the gap inbetween design/development can be sealed ( cross platform too!) and no work will ever goes to waste if I can discover/test my ideas using Fuse.

I’ve been reading on your site but I couldn’t get a sense on how the ’ fuse process’ is and how to adjust my current design flow for it. Better yet, how to convince the developers in my team to use this with me (I sent the link to one of them and the response I got was that it’ll probably work if we are designing an app from scratch)

So here is my question: If I still want to give Fuse a shot, can I use only the UX markup part to create testing worthy prototypes? If so, how can I share the prototypes to people who are not at my office?

Thank you!


If you are comfortable writing UX markup, then you can use Fuse to create both prototypes and real apps, today :slight_smile: With a little JavaScript, you can also make the apps do meaningful things.

You share the “prototypes” as real apps, either through app/play store or using a beta testing tool (i.e. have a look at or

We are working in the direction of creating more visual tools which allow you to make changes to the markup without having to write the code manually (more like pixate), so stay tuned :slight_smile: