Using a websocket


There isn’t much documentation on how to setup and use a websocket. doesn’t seem to be it. Might there be an example of creating a websocket and then using it to send/onmessage/connect/close?



WebSockets is not supported yet, but we are working on it.

Thanks for the quick response :slight_smile:

Any news about this, or timeline ? :slight_smile:

We have a working prototype, but it still needs some work before we are ready to ship it. In terms of timeline, it’s currently on hold until we get some other high priority features out the door. But we will get back to this as soon as we can.

I’ve added WebSocket to the Feature Dashboard, so you can track the status :slight_smile:

Awesome! Do you plan to expand Fusetools with a more sophisticated database communication layer? MeteorJS and their DDP and MongoDB oplog tailing comes to mind, and sending only new documents/records to the client on database change. Really powerful, or perhaps if there are any guides on how to achieve that with current build I would really appreciate pointing me in the right direction, couldn’t find anything.

Right now we are focusing on getting all the low level stuff right, so people are able to integrate their favorite frameworks. After that we will work towards creating more complete user friendly libs ourself. So it’s on the list but we need to take the steps one by one.

For a local DB solution you can look at the code from an other fuser here

i was able to make pubnub working with 0.9.4 :slight_smile:

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i was able to make pubnub working with 0.9.4 :slight_smile:

> Hi @ghaiat Can you tell me how did you make it work? Does it work in latest Fuse 1.2.x ? Thanks