DDP in Fuse

Have anybody tried using DDP from a Fuse app? (https://www.meteor.com/ddp)

We haven’t tested it internally (here at Fuse that is) but it should definitely be possible. Would love to hear if anyone else has tried it out!

I tried last night to use DDP. First try was using npm installing ddp.js but it didn’t work because of import statements inside ddp.js. Next attempt was using bower installing asteroid which contained another version of ddp.js which was easier to use with Fuse where the only complains was missing modules so I added one an one dependency with the javascript tag but didn’t reach the bottom so it might work in the end.

Do you have any plans om making it easier to use modules from npm/bower with Fuse without the hassle of manually adding all dependencies?


Yeah, making it easy-peasy to use external modules is on the list of TODO’s. Thanks for your patience :slight_smile:

Note though, that it is not guaranteed that all Node.js modules work out of the box. Fuse does not ship with the full node platform.

Being able to use DDP in Fuse would be superb. +1 this!

Just as a heads up, I was experimenting with getting Node.js modules working in Fuse earlier with no success. If the 3rd party module makes use of any sort of core Node module then it’s probably not going to work with Fuse just because Node isn’t built on pure JS afaik. Importing the sources of the core modules into Fuse doesn’t work either unfortunately, again because they rely on non-JS code.

HeyItsJono, you’re absolutely correct. We don’t support the Node platform in its entirety (and some of the bits we do support are a bit inadvertent), so some projects simply won’t work, at least at this point.

However, many Node/bower/etc modules are a bit more environment-agnostic, such as Parse’s client sdk and Moment.js, and work just fine out-of-the-box, so often it is worth trying. We’re working hard to make sure we support a very sensible set of abstractions in our JS layer, such a localStorage, fetch, and others, so if we’re missing something like that we’d love to hear about it.

Side note: we’ll be keeping a list of js libs/modules that we know work out-of-the-box, so keep on eye on that as well :slight_smile:

+1 Fusing Meteor DDP and FUSE together would be awesome. Wouldn’t have to go through React Native anymore to build out native apps. :expressionless: Anyone has pointers on how this can be achieved, if not complete integration, at least something bare bones?

I think we need to add support for websockets first. That is on our list.

+1 for websockets

+1 Fusing Meteor DDP and FUSE!

+1 Fusing Meteor DDP and FUSE!

+1 Meteor DDP and FUSE

+1 Meteor DDP and FUSE :slight_smile:

+1 DDP support would be great.