server API/real app examples and guides


I really like the concept behind Fuse and I am really impressed by the ease of UX development with your tool. However, I am a bit lost when it comes to building a complete mobile app that is hooked into a database as all your examples showcase UI only.

I have transitioned from web development towards hybrid mobile app development with MeteorJS and Cordova so I am a bit confused when approaching Fuse. I have seen Syncano -> Fuse integration guide, however I am not entirely convinced for this solution being production ready. I was looking into React Native next for my hybrid mobile solution, however Fusetools looks really promising, but there is very little practical information out there :(. Do you guys know of any examples to explain the above better? I assume that I can work with any API and Fusetools, is that right ?

Is there a real-time solution that easily hooks into UX like DDP in Meteor ?

Thanks! Hoping to explore Fuse and hopefully use it for production in the near future

Just seen a “Matchmaking” example with Parse, looking forward to it. Do you have any ETA for that? I will be looking into Fusetools again in February when I’m done with current project so hopefully there will be more insight.

Did you ever follow up and create a proof-of-concept for client/server communication in realtime (e.g. using sockets)? I’m looking into that right now.

  • Raju

Hi Raju,

We have an example using Parse as the backend: