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Websocket support

What is the ETA for websocket support?

Fuse is an elegant tool based on a great vision. Support for fetch and httprequest are valuable options, yet they represent a limited set of choiches.

I was impressed by Fuse and how it kills it with UI, though the backend support is more than needed to make it the complete go to tool for mobile development.

Our current priorities on the JS backend features:

  • making a better Camera and Gallery API
  • add ArrayBuffer support for HTTP and IO (typed arrays Uno <-> JS)
  • local notifications
  • a better file system (Storage) API
  • support for WebSocket
  • ++

We also try to stick in some low hanging fruit when we can. I did a WebSockets prototype a while back, but the lack of secure sockets support in Uno stalled it (https://github.com/bondehagen/Fuse-websockets). So we need to rewrite the low-level socket implementation and then we should have at least “something” for you to use. It has been a lot of requests on this lately, so it might be we are bumping this to top priority very soon, but I have to talk to the others.

Great :slight_smile:

+1 support for WebSocket +1 a better file system (Storage) API +1 local notifications

Yes, WebSocket support would be really good. Anders, does the prototype you created still work?

@rajubitter I think it should. It does not support wss:// or binary, and I think it was some issues with threading some times. But it could be something you can use to start testing. But it’s not production ready, so you are on your own :slight_smile:


Thanks, Anders. Yes, it’s working!

I would definitely love secure websocket support!


Lets put it this way. I’ll talk about my specific case while I guess it’s the same with many more devs.

I started to develop webapps with Meteor. I also explored other javascript solutions. All of them let you build hybrid apps that can run on mobile phones, too.

That happens using Cordova. And it’s great, but it comes with many limitations:

  • Native performance
  • Native page transitions
  • Animations in general
  • App fluidity
  • etc.

I tried also “Famous” and other js frameworks optimized for mobile use. Complexity rises just to get native-looking apps.

Too much effort and moving parts to just get decent performances.

Moreover framework like Meteor are all-in solution and I find myself having a different repository for the mobile version of my app. It just makes more sense and it’s easier to develop and maintain. So I was looking for mobile only solutions.

When I saw FuseTools (thanks to a promoted tweet FYI) it was clear that it was it. UX markup that makes sense and easy to integrate javascript code.

Native apps without the need to learn different languages for IOS and Android. A dream come true.

I thought that FuseTools would break into my next app project until I understood that only fetch() “works” at this time. I was about to recommend Fuse to everyone I know, but I simply had to stop.

That’s not where everything is heading. Real-time interactions, shared status among servers, multiple clients querying the database.

And every trending framework I know uses websockets (both ws and wss) for that. What I’m trying to say it’s that I know that websocket support is on your roadmap. I’m strongly suggesting you should put it on the top of your list.

IMHO websocket integration may boost Fuse adoption among devs. For example I would promote it in a couple of slack channels and forums.

You may appeal to communities like Meteor.com, Horizon.io, Deepstream.io, Hood.ie, Kuzzle.io

These are very active communities with a lot of open-minded people that I’m sure would much appreciate what Fuse (with websocket support) can offer.

The first time that websocket has been mentioned on this forum was 8 months ago…

Fuse is great, make it even greater.

That’s it. I rest my case :wink:

Hi there! First of all, thanks for all the kind words and the thorough summary of your point, we really appreciate it!

We absolutely agree that Fuse needs websockets (and so does a lot of other users who’ve requested it). We are progressing through our TODO-list of JS-features (pretty much the one Bondehagen posted above some time back) and we’ll get started on the websockets fairly soon (we’re currently working on the improved storage API).

The main reason for not having added it already is, as always, that there have been a lot of other features missing as well, and that there are at least some possible workarounds for achieving realtime communication .

So, in short: websockets are coming (as per our original plan). :slight_smile:

So, in short: websockets are coming (as per our original plan). :slight_smile:

That’s great news! :slight_smile:

Any updates on this feature? Any release target date or version?

Hello Guys,

Any update on this. I really need the wss:// support. I’m trying to use Baqend’s realtime queries and lack of wss is giving me a really hard time.

Looking forward


AFAIK wss:// should work now. If you have a case to show where it doesn’t please make a new forum post with a complete, minimal reproduction.

Is that wss:// issue is known to be resolved by now? I just fell into problems with connecting to my own WebSocket server through wss://, so I am wondering if this could be anything on my end?

i want to know if there is Any updates on this feature? . .