Firebase (or other realtime database) tie-ins

I know Firebase has native API’s and also some kind of streaming REST plugin that I’m not too sure about the particulars of how that works.

But was curious if you all planned to support 3rd party realtime services like that. I assume it doesn’t work in just the javascript section since I recall reading somewhere Fuse doesn’t support websockets.

If on the roadmap somewhere that would be great, as that functionality is the only thing holding me back from jumping all in with Fuse.


It is definitely on our roadmap to support realtime 3rd party services like firebase, and we are already doing some experimentation internally. I cannot say for sure exactly when this will happen, but it is a use case we take very seriously :slight_smile:

Hi Kristian,

Do you have any updates on this?

Second the question, id there any update on using firebase or MongoDB

MongoDB should be accessed by creating a REST API on the db side, and using fetch to access it.

Any news about firebase ?

Yes there is. Check this out.

Bumping this thread just to hear what’s currently possible with Fuse and Firebase. The Fuse.Firebase repo says in the readme that Authentication and basic Ad & Analytics support is added.

What about using Firebase and its database? Is it possible with the above repo? If not, has anyone successfully been using Fuse and the Firebase database?

Hi Ola,

some work (also on the storage/database part) has been done on other forks of that repo, but you will have to check on the state yourself: