Unable to read from image captured by CameraView

On 1.2.1, iOS preview, front camera:

  • image captured by CameraView, which can be previewed fine
  • FileSystem.getFileInfoSync returns file info, including size
  • FileSystem.readTextFromFile and FileSystem.readTextFromFileSync, given the filename returned by CameraView, return empty strings

Hi, are you able to provide an isolated example of this happening?

Able and willing :slight_smile:

Here’s a sample trying to do all sorts of things with a video and an image:



  • video cannot be read from file (20-50 bytes only present in content variable)
  • video cannot be saved to camera roll (come to think of it, I think camera roll is dead in iOS 10, replaced by photo library. Could that be a reason?)
  • image cannot be read from file (0 length)
  • uncommenting the cameraroll.publish line will crash the app
  • file info for both image and video looks fine in terms of size

Thank you

Hi, any news on this? I have an app under heavy development which requires capturing images and videos and uploads them, so I am wondering if I have hit a wall here.
Thank you


Hey Costin, sorry for the wait.

An internal ticket has been made, and we have top men working on it. Sadly, i can’t guarantee any deadline for a fix at this time.

Thank you! Hopefully it will arrive in due time (this month :slight_smile:

The issue also applies to images captured using the Camera module, not only CameraView. Must be a FileSystem issue, then. It seems at this point it’s not possible to send the contents of a file (binary) to the server, which is… bad.

Hold the press!
Trying to console.log anything from ReadText or ReadBuffer yielded empty string, but when I tried sending over a Base64.encodeBuffer(FileSystem.readBufferFromFile) result, it was actually ok. So there’s just a serialisation issue in there, maybe.
I think that at this point this issue has a much limited impact, so I can move on.
The other reported issues: Camera Roll and CameraView video capture format and no sound remain, though.