CameraView front camera video capture format

On 1.2.1, iOS preview, using the front camera in portrait mode, the captured video seems flattened (landscape, although the phone was positioned in portrait) and the aspect ratio is wrong (image squashed on the y axis). Also, no sound is recorded.

An issue has been noted. In the meantime, could you provide us with an isolated app which reproduces the issue?


There you go, mates:

Apparently it doesn’t matter if the front or back camera is used - same layout issue. Also, in this particular example, AutoPlay is ignored for some reason - in my initial app that works fine.
So, issues:

  • video distorted
  • no sound
  • AutoPlay ignored? (may not be an issue)


Any news on this? Still going on on 1.3.
An update: I’ve just dug through the files on the device (iPhone 6s) and the captured video file looks ok; just no sound.
In the app though, the width and height seem inverted (the video was captured in portrait mode).
For this reason, the video cannot be properly displayed after capture.

There hasn’t been any progress on the issue lately as far as i can tell, but i updated the ticket with your new info.


This is an issue with the video player in fuse. The orientation of the video captured from the front camera is embedded as metadata in the file. Our video player is supposed to support video with orientation. I have to investigate!

Thanks for reporting

No problem. Whenever you’re ready (this and sound capture), I would appreciate a build. I have an app requiring short video posting; for now I will remove video support but I really need it.

Yeah, i got same issue :slight_smile:

Mery xmas !

I have the same problem, which is :
When i record a video using CameraView its ignoring the state of device orientation it always recording in either (landscape or flipped-landscape).


Same problem,

have to add that i did download the app container (using Xcode) and looked for the recorded video ,
on osx it looks fine , so uploaded the recorded file to local web server and created a video player to play that file however i got the same result as Ahmed explained .

when i rotated right the file using Quicklime and rotated back to the left and save it , then it did play perfectly .

what i think is something related to rotation info in the recorded file itself .