ImageTools.getBase64FromImage() returning weird string


after many testing it seems that the string that ImageTools.getBase64FromImage() returns after selecting an image on the device (iphone) is not a proper base64 string.

Actually it’s quite hard to notice as any operation with that string results in “no action”. For example:

       .then(function(image) {
           ImageTools.getBase64FromImage(image).then(function(imgb64) {

does nothing when selecting the image from the camera roll. But if i call it with a proper base64 image it works.

The problem seems similar to the one here:

Thanks for your intel. That link seems to be related but we will investigate.


During preliminary testing the base-64 string seems to be correct. It would be helpful if you could provide us with a complete example demonstrating your problem.

Alternatively you could try loading a tiny test image, and post the resulting base-64 encoded string here?

We fixed the Base64-implementation on Android a while ago (in 0.27.0):