iOS settings in order to prevent crash when using CameraRoll

On 1.2.1, iOS preview, when using CameraRoll or VideoTools to save a file to the camera roll, the app crashes instantly.
If I remember correctly, the fix was a mix of settings some plist entries and… am I forgetting something? Because I think I set those plist items and yet the app is still crashing.
I have noticed it is not requesting access to the camera roll, so that may be an issue.

Hello, could you provide a minimal testcase in order to ensure that your bug isn’t caused by something else in your app?

Uncommenting the CameraRoll.publish line from this project will crash the app.
The reason may be that under iOS 10 the camera roll has been replaced by the photo library?
(see my previous bug report about reading/writing images and videos)

About the plist settings, I tried (and succeeded in setting a bunch of them in .unoproj), so I think that’s not a problem anymore (see .unoproj in archive).

Thank you