UI not smooth on Android 6.0.1 (Moto G 3.Gen)

I tried the Ticket Scroll example (https://www.fusetools.com/examples/ticket-scroll) on a Moto G 3.Gen with Android 6.0.1 running.
And I must say that the scroll and all the interaction was not smooth. I mean it was not really bad, but not perfectly smooth. I testet it also on an iPhone 5C and there it was perfectly smooth.
I do not know any app which has the same interaction, but even a simple page control, where you swipe to switch pages is not smooth.
But the swipe and page change on the Moto G in Instagram is really smooth.

So how can this be? I mean even the simple page control - page swipe is not smooth, but is working on the same device in Instagram perfectly smooth.
Fuse is compiling to native code, so how can this be?

Hi Mitnick,

Thanks for reporting this.

We are aware of a few performance and animation bugs (including these) and are actively working to fix them. Please try again in a future version.

Fuse is indeed pure native code and it’s more “bugs” than general performance issues. Often you’ll even find very powerful new phones are slow in animations that run silky smooth on 6 year old devices. Some combinations of animations and phone drivers hit system bottlenecks. We just need to identify them and work around them.

Being 100% smooth on all semi-modern android and ios devices is an absolute top priority here at Fuse, and definitely something that will be fixed before we’re out of beta. We have top men working on it :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for this motivating answer Anders! :slight_smile:

I cannot wait for the future releases :)))

Turns out this particular phone is not in our test device pool. We are ordering one now and adding it :slight_smile:

Wow!! You guys rock! :slight_smile: Love to the whole team <3

Sorry to resurrect this thread but I am experiencing slow animations when navigating between layouts or in scrollviews lists too.
My device is not that old : Moto X Play XT1563
I am using fuse 0.34.0 (10613)

Is there things that I can check to try improve the performance on android? (I dont have an iphone yet to test the app)

I usually get this outputs when testing in the device (but I notice lags too in the release build)

03-21 13:22:30.795 28740 28740 I art     : Late-enabling -Xcheck:jni
03-21 13:22:30.831 28740 28740 D InCloset: SDK: 23
03-21 13:22:30.855 28740 28740 I Adreno  : QUALCOMM build                   : 166ada0, Ifd751822f5
03-21 13:22:30.855 28740 28740 I Adreno  : Build Date                       : 01/26/16
03-21 13:22:30.855 28740 28740 I Adreno  : OpenGL ES Shader Compiler Version: XE031.06.00.05
03-21 13:22:30.855 28740 28740 I Adreno  : Local Branch                     : AU12_SBA
03-21 13:22:30.855 28740 28740 I Adreno  : Remote Branch                    : 
03-21 13:22:30.855 28740 28740 I Adreno  : Remote Branch                    : 
03-21 13:22:30.855 28740 28740 I Adreno  : Reconstruct Branch               : 
03-21 13:22:31.031 28740 28753 D OpenGLRenderer: Use EGL_SWAP_BEHAVIOR_PRESERVED: true
03-21 13:22:31.093 28740 28753 I OpenGLRenderer: Initialized EGL, version 1.4
03-21 13:23:05.247 28740 28930 I InCloset: startup.js
03-21 13:23:05.484 28740 28740 I Choreographer: Skipped 96 frames!  The application may be doing too much work on its main thread.
03-21 13:23:05.498 28740 28930 I InCloset: mainrouter.js
03-21 13:23:05.566 28740 28740 W Resources: Drawable android:drawable/text_cursor_material has unresolved theme attributes! Consider using Resources.getDrawable(int, Theme) or Context.getDrawable(int).
03-21 13:23:05.566 28740 28740 W Resources: java.lang.RuntimeException
03-21 13:23:05.566 28740 28740 W Resources: 	at android.content.res.Resources.getDrawable(Resources.java:775)
03-21 13:23:05.566 28740 28740 W Resources: 	at com.foreign.Fuse.Controls.Native.Android.TextInput.SetCursorDrawableColor223(TextInput.java:93)
03-21 13:23:05.566 28740 28740 W Resources: 	at com.Bindings.ExternedBlockHost.SetCursorDrawableColor223(ExternedBlockHost.java:1038)

To clarify: are you seeing this behavior in the same example as the thread starter (Ticket Scroll example)?

I checked the example and did not notice lag. But the log showed skipped frames.

I posted because I am having this issues on my own app.
As I got concerned about the lag I was experiencing and the description seemed similar to the problem I am having, after making some searches in the forum, I thought that here would be a good place to post.