Fuse Preview performance

I was wondered how much my app lost in its performance, when I ran it in Fuse Preview. Then I compiled the app in the old way (XCode) and also found it runs very slow. I use iPhone 6 Plus.
Everything was just great with Fuse 1.5.
But now it full of lags, the scrolls are terrible. I even thought the iPhone is broken, but there is no any sign of performance drop in other (non Fuse) apps.
On the same time, desktop Fuse runs well, with no lags.

I have the old video with iPhone running my app (Fuse 1.5), I also can film how the new Fuse 1.7 performs on the same iPhone. PM me, and I’ll send you these videos.

I have installed Fuse Preview on iPad Pro - no lags.
I also have reinstalled Fuse Preview on iPhone. Got lags again.

Can you confirm if it’s the same with all Fuse apps on your device? Preview performance is not worth judging, but if the release build is lagging we’d like to see that.

If it’s a particular app that is slow, then we’d like to take a look at the code of it. If it’s sensitive, you can put it here.

Hi Alexander,
We’ve not received any other notifications about this performance drop, but we’re really interested in finding out what triggers it. Any chance you can provide a reproduction? Thanks!

Thank you for your interest!
I tested a few examples (endless-scroller, halftone-effect) and found no performance issues on my iPhone 6 Plus.
Although, my project still runs slow on iPhone 6 Plus, and runs fast on iPad Pro. Fuse version 1.7.2.
I uploaded manwe-test.zip to the Bent’s dropbox, please check it.

If you could provide the videos you mentioned (of the 1.5 build and the 1.7 build, both on the same phone) that’d be of help as well.
It’ll also make it clearer for us in which situation / part of the app there are issues. :slight_smile: