My App's performance is very bad ...

I’m making the production application using Fuse. I tested my app on LG G4 famous with bad performance and time delay on using a application.

But yesterday, I handed my app to client, client said that “your app is so slow and shows very bad performance on Samsung Galaxxy zoom 2. When the screen(page) is chnaged, I feel the delay is over 10 secs. But the app shows good performance on Galaxy S6. But, I don’t think the device(galaxy zoom 2) has problem at SW or HW”

I don’t know what cause this bad performance problem. Inefficiency of my code and ? bug on Fuse? or faulty of the device(galaxy zoom 2)?

I want know the reason for bad performancd of my app.

Ths app’s code is the production’s. So I cannot post the code, but I sent code.

Can you help me to find the cause? :slight_smile:

Ah, my client said that “the screen(page) change is so slow and has time delay over 10 secs. And so does list scrolling”

I felt the delay of screen change(not till 10 secs, but at least 2~4 secs …), and If the widget or view had animation with duration, then time delay appears…


This can be a problem in your code or a bug in Fuse, there is not enough information here to find out :slight_smile:

If you can send us the project we can take a quick look.


hi :slight_smile:

okay, i cannot post my code, but i can send code there. so … where to send code? I sent code to Sumi and she said hand it to fuse developer team. check it and if my code is not there, post reply plz. then I sent code for you.

Hello again,

We have received the test case now and will be debugging. Thanks!

OK, I’ve had a look at it, and I think I’ve figured out what’s going on:

The app simply draws too many things on top of each other, every frame.

A fix for this, is to modify the style of Page, to set Visibility="Hidden" and IsEnabled="false" from a WhileInactive-trigger, like so:

    <Page ux:Name="Myself" ...>
            <Change Myself.IsEnabled="false"/>
            <Change Myself.Visibility="Hidden"/>