Smooth scroll

Hi, I’d like to ask you if I can improve scrolling smoothness on graphic interface. I observe a sort of frames drop while scrolling, or lack of continuity in speed when I stop, raising the finger. I mean, it stops immediately when I leave the screen surface, instead of slowly loosing speed. It doesn’t happen always, but frequently. I see same behaviour on INBOX example, so it’s not a matter of my code.

Any feedback?

Thanks a lot Max


We have some recorded issues on this already, so improvements are coming.

Most notably, timestamping of events are currenlty missing in Uno made it hard to compensate for frame drops in scroll simulation. This is being fixed.

Note that you can use a native scroll view with <App Theme="Native" or NativeViewHost to get the real native behavior instead of Fuse’s custom behavior.

Thanks for your patience.

Hello Anders

thanks for your response and suggestion, I’m going to try and see the difference.


So I’ve tested with Native theme and indeed the scrollview is smoother, the only slowdown happens because the images have URLs as their source and it seems they are understandably downloaded only when the object is visible, not before. Can I preload them in some way ? Understand it may consume more bandwidth but I’d like to test it.

Thanks !


I set the Scrollview in NativeViewHost as suggested by Anders and actually the perfomance is much better for the moment. No slowdown or hesitation. The problem is that Scrollview in this way is rendered over any other graphic component. I tried to give Y coordinates but it flows anyway till the top of the page.

How could I have at least a top title bar and bottom bar (Rectangle objects) OVER the scrollview ?

Thanks for your help