Trying to uninstall existing version of APK

Hi I have this problem when wanting to launch the application on my android physical device generates me that I have an existing apk, eh verified forum and several post but I eh noticed that the% ProgramData% \ one \ SDKs \ androidsdk \ platform -tools \ adb devices it does not work I do not know why when installing fuse and install android as explained androidsdk not create the folder I do not know if they could help me. probe and remove and reinstall fuse and I still unsuccessfully

Hi, when this happens there are usually problems with one of the following:

  • Device is not set in developer mode
  • Missing USB drivers for ADB
  • Broken usb cable / bad connection

You can check the troubleshooting guide for more information:

hello is a bit weird this problem that I have to connect a large galaxy samsung me generates the same error but if I export the application to the device but with a Lg G4 not exported me but I think so far I’ll be fine as I can see a device

If it works on a device from one vendor but not another then it is probably missing USB drivers. You can read more about that here:

Thanks Remi I think for different devices I have to get off the USB driver, and run in the other device