Textinput not respecting textalignment properly

Fuse version: 1.1.0

Operating System: Windows 10

Steps to reproduce:

  • Create new empty project and insert one TextInput-field.
  • Add the TextAlignment property with value “Center”.
  • Add PlaceholderText property with anything as value.

Expected results:

  • Text should be centered at all times.

Results Desktop-client (Windows 10)

  • Placeholder-text is centered
  • Cursor is Left-aligned until you start typing. Then it gets Centered.
  • Typed text stays centered.

Results Android (Preview and Buid)

  • Placeholder-text is left-aligned
  • When tapping the field and ready to type, the placeholder-text becomes centered.
  • While Typing the test is still centered.
  • When unfocusing the field, the typed text returns to be left-aligned.

Clean repo used


	"Packages": [
	"Includes": [


        <TextInput TextAlignment="Center" PlaceholderText="This Should be centered." />


Thanks for reporting! A ticket has been raised and you can follow it here.