Align by baseline.

I wish I could align <Text> using the baseline, instead of the rectangle boundaries. Mostly because we don’t have a <RichText> element =).

Yup I agree. I think <RichText /> is under development

Is there any update on the RichText element?
I’m building a news-app with articles containing html tags for formatting and I want to show those acticles in the app.

Yes, we are currently in the process of merging a new text renderer (this has actually been an active project for about 8 months). We are testing it internally now, and it will probably still need some tweaking even after it’s out. When that’s done we can start focusing on the actual API for rich text. I know a lot of you is waiting on this, but text is really complex thing to get pretty and nice across devices. We are on top of it :slight_smile: