texts with different properties same line


I haven’t found a way to accomplish something that sounds to me very simple.

I am retrieving some texts from a REST service and I want to display that text using Text component and TextWrapping property because the length of the text varies and could need more than one row. Of course that’s not the problem.

The problem is that I would like to display another text just after the previous text, but using different properties, for example different color and I would like to do it on the same line and same paragraph without having a new line. In HTML this is typically done using span tag, is there any way to do it in UX?

Regards, Edzon


As of Fuse 0.12, this is not possible in regular UX markup.

We are working on a solution for this, which will likely be a <Span> tag similar to <Text> that can be used in a <WrapPanel> to acheive what you want, and allow you to put any UX tag inside your text, like images, buttons, videos etc. On top of this, we can make parsers that can take e.g. markdown, html subsets or similar and populate an panel for you.

In the mean time, best solutions are:

  • Use a WebView in a NativeViewHost with RenderToTexture="true" to render arbitrary html.
  • If a single line is enough, use Text and <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal">

Hi Anders,

Is this now possible with version 0.23?

I haven’t found any new element for this purpose on documentation.


We’re still working on it, so the answer above is still true as of Fuse 0.23.