Support for Maps


I am wondering when will fusetools release support for apple/google maps? This is something very important for my current project and would love to have this SDK in fuse.

Thanks for the great framework btw!


Hi, I second this. Google Maps API (and other JSON) API access will be critically important. The Fuse API dev sheet does go into their JSON/API spec, some.

These are indeed very important API’s and we’re working quite hard to support these at the moment. As it stands, we MAY have them available within the next couple weeks, but we’ve got quite a lot on our plates preparing for public beta. I’ll keep you guys posted :slight_smile:

Great! Thanks guys and best of luck for the release! Can’t wait to see more apps out in the open built using Fuse and ofcourse I can’t wait for the Maps SDK :slight_smile:


Google Maps would be superb! Really need it in a project starting ~now, hoping to see support for maps soon.

Hi Jake,

Can you please let us know what kind of timeline are we looking at for Maps SDK? Is it something like a month or two, or more like 3-4 months ?

Sorry for asking this again and again. If we can get some timeline, I can choose Fuse for my new project because I really really want to! :slight_smile:

Thanks! Vinay

I am joining to the waiting list too :slight_smile:

ETA a few weeks :slight_smile:

Omg omg omg! Really looking forward to this! :smiley:

Hey Anders,

Just wondering what the status of the maps sdk is. Really waiting on this one for my current project. Thanks!!

This will be awesome! I really need this API as well. :slight_smile:

Any update on the maps support? this is critical for a project