Dynamic Maps Feature

I’m trying to find an example of a more robust way to use maps (right now Apple Maps).

Basically I am trying to create an app that allows people to save places they visit (restaurants, bars etc) and then be able to search and find those places (and even share their lists with others).

So far all I see are super basic examples of Apple Maps and what I really need is to be allow users to search for places and then pull in information about the place (the neighborhood, photos etc) - similar to how you can using Google Places.

Does Apple Maps / Fuse even allow for this? I kind of don’t want to proceed with this project unless I know this is something that can be (fairly) easily done.

If not no worries - I’ll probably ditch this and move on to something else (esp. since I’m not a real developer - was hoping to do this as a side project to help a bunch of people out who have asked me for this).

If you want to see the intention here it is: https://www.placelistapp.com/


Apple Maps has basic features for Point of Interest as described here but there’s no out of box solution for you to do it in Fuse. You have to create integration code by yourself using Uno and Foreign Code, more info about it here and prepare your hand dirty… :smile:

But yeah it surely you can do such kind of project using Fuse, alternatively you can use services like Google Places API to searchs POI ( details and photos ) and places the results in Fuse Maps and other bunch of pages or panels of Fuse Components.

Hope it helps

Ah ok that’s too bad. I see apple has this - https://developer.apple.com/documentation/mapkit/mklocalsearch?language=objc

Good to know though as I don’t want to spend significant time on this if there’s no supported implementation.

I tried using Google API but still didn’t seem like a clear way of doing it through Fuse (when I built this as a web app it was pretty easy to do with Google).

It would be great if Fuse would build this in as it’s pretty important functionality for lots of Apps.

Thanks for your reply. Fuse has been fun to play with.