Google Maps on iOS?

Hi I’d like access to google maps api - specifically google places as Apple maps doesn’t seem to have anything similar?

Googles API is also easier to work with. Any plans to implement this in Fuse? That would be awesome.

You can already use the Google Places API by using a fetch, here’s an example.

Perfect, just what I needed, thanks.

Oh sorry one more question. How do I do a where? So for example fetch data from the json using a where (so passing a parameter into it so I get back a subset)

For example (conceptually speaking), where userid = or where neighborhood =


Hi aeq,

One other question. I’m going through the Fuse examples and am using Array files as sources for various views and was going through the Hikr tutorial to mock a back-end.

But it’s a bit confusing. You don’t have other examples that would be more straight forward? I mean ultimately I’ll want to hook this to a DB (something like backendless). For example in the mock-backend example they put javascript in with the array information which doesn’t make sense for when you actually want to create a real backend.

Anyway any help you can give would be appreciated.


Hello! I’m afraid backend and dealing with databases is a whole different ball game. I suggest you start with the basics of NodeJS or any other server-side framework.

Yeah was hoping to take my app farther than simply using Array files so I could at least have users test it out via testflight.

I mean I could just host a json and use fetch but yeah was really hoping for something a bit more dynamic. The basics are working with an Array file but obv. that’s only useful to me.

Hey @Matti_Tihverainen I got the JSON to work - actually I think the tuts should just encourage that as it’s way easier to work with data.

I did find something interesting also as a way to mock a backend -

Also for anyone who wants an easy way to host JSON - - really great for prototyping.