Google Maps support?


is there (Google) Maps support in Fuse?

Hi there, Not yet, but we’re working on it. :slight_smile:

On a side-note: we’ll soon also publish a feature list / dashboard to make it easier to see which (high-level) features are currently in place and which are in the pipeline.

OK, cool, would be very nice indeed to know your roadmap. We are planning on switching from Ionic to Fuse four our next project and maps support is really the only thing we are currently missing. If maps support is coming soom then we would be very interested :slight_smile:

With regard to the feature overview / high-level roadmap: it’s out now :slight_smile:

Very nice, thanks. Are there any timeframes maybe also?

No, while we’re still in beta we’d rather be extra cautious and not put a lot of ETAs there and risk disappointing you (as well as complicating the process of updating the list).

We’re happy to discuss rough timeframes for specific features of course, but not attempt to maintain a public schedule for everything. :slight_smile:


I see that the MapView tag is in testing/experimental stage. I would love to help out the dev team to find issues/bugs if you guys give me some idea on how to use the API.

Thanks guys!

Thanks, but the API for that one is already superceeded by what we’re building internally now, so it’s better to just wait for the next version than to dig into the old one.