Dynamically change sections of text color?

I’ve worked with Fuse in the past about a year ago, but stopped shortly after. I’ve decided to come back again and I’ve run into a particularly interesting problem that I hadn’t faced before. I’m using an API that returns a string of text, but the string of text has special character combinations that mean different colors. For example if it returns

§aHello §9§lWorld§r!

Then that means that Hello should be colored green, World is colored a blue and bold, and the ! has all formatting and color reset to default. What would be the best way to go about formatting this type of string correctly in Fuse? I’ve done something similar before using php but that doesn’t really help here.

The feature you want is RichText. We do not support RichText today, but its definitely a must have feature for us. A possible workaround would be to decode your string and make objects containing the string/color etc, expose that to UX and use a <WrapPanel />