Splash screen


i want to load some stuff (2 seconds) when the app launches. If i do it on the javascript like:


it shows a black screen while executing the code. If I call the code on the activated trigger the same happens.

	<Callback Handler="{onActive}"/>

wich trigger (and how) should i use so first the splash page is shown and then the “code on startup” is called?


Literal splash screens are set in the project config on iOS, and is not possible (!) on Android (really, check out any of the native apps, and they all just display a blank page while initializing).

The fastest way to get something on the screen as early as possible would be to just put a

<WhileFalse Value="{ready}">
   <Image File="loadingScreen.png" />

and then set the ready.value = true; when ready in JS

My fault: i did not mean a “real splash” screen.

I want to do the following:

1.- show panel on start

2.- do some background actions

3.- when thoes actions are finished hide the first panel

The problem i am facing is call the actions on the start the first panel is not shown till those actions are finished (so adding this time to the real splash screen)

P.s: those actions include adding items to an observable list (so it affects ux)

If you go with the suggestion from Anders, and just set ready to true when your actions are done, shouldn’t that solve what you’re trying to do? If not, can you please go into a bit more details about the problem?