How do i create a splashscreen

How to integrate spalshscreen in android,

Alos the app it taking 2 to 3 second to open after clicking on icon in homescreen, is there anything that we can do for fix this.

+1 I was gonna make a feature request for this, there should be a way to make a splashscreen, for now a default would be nice, how the web does: We specify a background_color in our unoproj and then the splash screen is our app icon in the middle and the name of our app at the bottom, in with a background of whatever hex value the background_color is.

For IOS you can define launch images :

    "iOS": {
        "LaunchImages": {
            "iPhone_Portrait_2x": "...",   // 640x960
            "iPhone_Portrait_R4": "...",   // 640x1136
            "iPhone_Portrait_R47": "...",  // 750x1334
            "iPhone_Portrait_R55": "...",  // 1242x2208
            "iPhone_Landscape_R55": "...", // 2208x1242
            "iPad_Portrait_1x": "...",     // 768x1024
            "iPad_Portrait_2x": "...",     // 1536x2048
            "iPad_Landscape_1x": "...",    // 1024x768
            "iPad_Landscape_2x": "..."     // 2048x1536

See this existing thread for a similar discussion:

Thanks guys, for the support, but it will be greate if we have an option in fuse itself to setup a spalshscreen image like in phoegap/cordova

Thanks for your input, we will consider doing that.