How do i create a splashscreen

I want so that when my app is launched it shows the splashscreen for 8 seconds then goes to the apps mainview is this possible.


On iOS you can select a launch image in your Xcode project settings.

If you want it to stay for as long as 8 seconds you probably want to create a screen within your app that displays your splash image and then moves on. There are many ways to acheive this, for example use a timer:

Fuse.Timer.Wait(8, Callback);


void Callback()
    // move to next screen

what code to i do to redirect the splashcreen to another page view

I would suggest having a look at this guide, it explains this very well.

do you want to cover the ugly screen that load when you just open the app??

the black screen with a header on top with the app name?

The link is dead, is there an alternative resource addressing the splash screen ?

Splash screen depends on platform. On iOS you set this up in XCode with launch images. On Android, there is no equivalent.

If you are not talking about the built-in launch screen capability on iOS, then it is just a matter of displaying one screen at launch time, and use some sort of timer (e.g. setInterval) to move to another screen.

it would be nice if it could be integrated into the Fuse tooling and framework, any plans of that ?

Could you have something like:

<Panel Opacity="1" ux:Name="splashscreen">
  <ImageAndOtherStyling />
      <Toggle Target="toggleSplashScreen"/>
    <Change splashscreen.Opacity="0" Delay="However long you want the splash screen to last" />

That’s basically how I’m doing my splash screen.