Replacing gray launch background in Android

My first Fuse app is nearing completion! :slight_smile:

There is more or less only one more thing I wish to change before doing a closed beta: When launching the app in Android this gray screen appears before the app finish loading.
Is there anyway I can replace it with an image (like the LaunchImage for iOS) or something similar?

Thank you!

And for anyone interested; you can learn more about my app at this page:

Hi, cool :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, Android doesn’t support launch images like iOS does. E.g. if i cold-launch the GMail app on my phone, it also just flashes white for the first few frames.

The trick is to render the first frame quickly and then load the rest of your stuff, if you have a lot to load. Most apps load fairly quickly though. Do you know where the gray color comes from? Do you knwo why your app takes long to load?

I am not entirely sure, but it takes 5+ seconds to show the app.

Here is a screenshot of the gray screen that appears:

I am using a custom loading procedure, but I am Initializing the UX first:

public MainView() {
    InitializeUX(); //Initialize the UX
    Timer.Wait(3, splash); //Navigate from splash screen to main menu
    loadSettings(); //Attempt to read settings from file
    serialAdd(null, null); //Add a dummy object

The app is only using a handful of images, and they aren’t very big (around 15KB).

5+ seconds is a long time, judging from your screenshots there is no reason why your app should have any startup time at all.

Are you including large images or a lot of fonts?

I have 11 images, but they are all quite small (eg. 16KB), I also have 3 fonts.

Should not take 5 seconds to load then. Something is wrong…

You may have a copy of the source if you’d like?

My app have similar number of images and fonts and take 5 seconds aprox. to launch (In a Galaxy S6 Edge)

Feel free to upload your apps and we might be able to figure out why

For some reason .zip and .rar files can no longer be uploaded in this box, so here is a link:

After the latest update I experience shorter loading times. Now it’s closer to 2 seconds rather than 5-7. :slight_smile: