Short white Screen in start phase on iOS

We build an app with colored launch image and colored app background.
When the app starts the launch image is showed as long as the app needs to be loaded.
But when switching from the launch image to the main app view there is a blank white screen shown for a more or less short moment.

How can this be avoided.

It’s hard to suggest anything without seeing some code. I suggest you build the project from XCode, and step through the launch sequence to see what’s taking up the time.

Ok. I will make a stripped version to narrow it down.

The main app view also loads some images from the bundle.
Is there a way to ensure that the page is displayed first and after that the images are loaded (lazy loading like web images)?

Yes, there are ways to defer things. The exact approach to be used depends on how you do things though, so there’s again not much we can suggest.

As an example, read some about Deferred (applies to not just images). Or you could put an Activated trigger on a page that has a Callback child which launches some JS operation.

And that’s just the beginning, there’s plenty of options.

Perfect! I didn’t know Deferred. I will try this out and comment this thread…

I stripped everything that costs time or resources away and yes if I have a more or less blank app there is no flickering because of the intermediate white screen. At the moment I have some UI controls on the main app page it is back (although also the App tag has a back color set). The white screen (the flickering) is time depends on the loading time. I will make a sample and can upload it.

Hey, I was just looking at the docs, and I found the section on iOS.LaunchImages. Wondering if that could be of any help.

Thanks Uldis. I was interupted by the show-pdf-from-bundle thing. I come back to this challange later.
I also saw some stuttering of the interface at another point of the UI.
I will look at it at as a whole and control if I lazy load the images in the UI. I think this will be the key.