Reifying forever

Fuse: 1.5

Sublime: 3.0 build 3143

OS X: 10.11.6

Since last fuse update too often when previewing in local it keeps restarting the app forever (the reifying messages keeps appearing as if there was any change in the ux files). I keep “uno cleaning” and restarting when it happens.

That’s odd. Can you please provide a project that reproduces this issue so we can take a look? You can upload it privately here:


if u want to login use “sault” as user (as when you login it stores some data locally (in case that is related to the problem))

when it happens (quite often) if i reinstall fuse 1.5 it solves the problem (till it happens again)

I’ve got exactly the same issue. On a small project, I don’t get the issue. If I update only the JS, I don’t get the issue. But When I insert or remove an element from a ux file, Reifying takes more and more time.

Very good news! The 1.8 fixes this bug on my side.
Thank you.

I’ve changed my computer so i can’t tell if the bug is fixed on my side :slight_smile:

(I have no probs with fuse + this computer)