Preview Reset is repeated continuously.

When I try to view the Preview by saving a file

The Preview is delayed as it is refreshed dozens of times.

Has anyone experienced the same experience as me?

Let me know if you have a solution.

Something like that could now and then happen on larger projects, depending on what is the file that you’re saving (UX, viewmodel JS or model JS). It would be very interesting to test that if you could share the project you observe the problem with.

Also, which Fuse version and OS are you on? There has been some recent work done on improvements in this area and you might try to update Fuse to a newer version.

Thank you for answer.

I am using Windows7 and fuse 1.0.3.
And, the problem often occurs when you modify ux file.

Can you share the project you experience this on? A github repo would be best, but you can also upload in here if it’s sensitive.

Sorry, you can not post the source code because it is an unfinished company project, not a personal project.
The problem occurred more often when multiple projects were turned on, and there was no problem with simple tasks such as modifying the Margin value.
If I find a more accurate cause in the future, I will post it again.
Thank you.