Push notifications question

In the docs for push notifications, the following is said regarding both iOS and Android:

“…All future received push notifications will fire a callback containing the JSON of the notification…”

Native iOS behaviour does not do this. E.g. callbacks only occur if the application is open; if the application is not open, notifications are stored in the UNNotificationCenter and the application is expected to retrieve any already received notifications (I’m not familiar with the behaviour for Android).

With Fusetools, I am seeing that the callback push.on(‘receivedMessage’, function(payload)) is not called when the application is not running (as expected since iOS does not forward events to non-running applications) and is not called when the application becomes active making the above statement incorrect.

My question then is: does Fusetools forward already received notifications through the push.on() callback when the application becomes active and I’m doing something wrong, or is the documented behaviour incorrect and I have to specifically pull in already received notifications?

EDIT: Since posting this, two points:

  1. I forgot to mention the versions that I am using: Fuse 1.5.0 and uno
  2. I see other posts similar to this but not quite the same


Hey man, your fuse is quite behind, so that’s probably why its not working.
Probably a good idea to upgrade: https://github.com/fuse-open/fuselibs